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Engineer HPC innovations faster

HPC and datacenter

As part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, our high-performance computing (HPC) solution is uniquely positioned to help companies take a holistic approach to HPC platform design, test and manufacturing and quickly deliver to market differentiated HPC innovations.

Comprehensive tool flow for HPC innovation

Our HPC solution spans IC design, verification, manufacturing and test to advanced packaging, 3D IC and PCB design and manufacturing. We provide an unmatched advantage in HPC system innovation using software, mechanical, PLM and enterprise technologies from the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

  • Catapult HLS - Find the right architecture for your HPC SoC faster with high-level synthesis
  • PowerPro - Early power estimation and superior optimization for lower power RTL
  • Precision RTL - Vendor-independent FPGA synthesis with hi-rel optimizations
  • 3D IC solution - Leverage a complete 3D IC workflow to develop More than Moore innovations
  • Tessent DFT - Insert design for test blocks to improve test efficiency
  • Embedded Analytics - Insert analytics IP to monitor your IC and HPC system in the field

HPC resources

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