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PowerPro Power Analysis and Optimization Platform

PowerPro offer the most comprehensive set of features to RTL designers to “design-for-low-power”. It offers power estimation for both RTL and Gate-level designs, early power checks to quickly find power issues during RTL development and clock and memory gating to optimize the design for power.

High-Level Synthesis and RTL Low-Power

Broadest portfolio of hardware design solutions for C++ and SystemC-based High-Level Synthesis and High-Level Verification plus RTL low-power solutions for RTL regressions and optimization. Catapult's physically-aware, multi-VT mode, with Low-Power estimation and optimization, with leading Verification solutions make HLS more than just "C to RTL". Discover experts’ methodologies and reccs on real projects.

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PowerPro Power Analysis & Optimization

From AI/ML, CPU/GPU, Modems to IoT, learn how Siemens' PowerPro helps meet power budgets and deliver energy efficient IPs by enabling low-power RTL development throughout the design cycle and qualify IPs for low-power.