PowerPro Power Analysis and Optimization Platform

PowerPro offers the most comprehensive set of features to RTL designers to “design-for-low-power”. It offers power estimation for both RTL and Gate-level designs, early power checks to quickly find power issues during RTL development and clock and memory gating to optimize the design for power.


Best Practices to Overcome Low-Power Design Challenges

These practices are essential for realizing low-power, energy efficient designs and can help you meet power budgets, mitigate potential reliability issues arising out of power and discover thermal issues early to take corrective action. NXP will present their perspective on applying these techniques. You will learn how our low-power design platform helps simplify low-power design for RTL designers.

Virtual Power Seminar: RTL Power Optimization: Applying Best Practices to Overcome Low-Power Design Challenges
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PowerPro Power Analysis & Optimization

From AI/ML, CPU/GPU, Modems to IoT, learn how Siemens' PowerPro helps meet power budgets and deliver energy efficient IPs by enabling low-power RTL development throughout the design cycle and qualify IPs for low-power.