Guided Power Optimization


Guided Power Optimization

Siemens EDA’s flagship low-power design platform helps deliver energy-efficient IPs/SOCs by guiding power optimization throughout the RTL design cycle.

Key features

Low-power Design Exploration Features

PowerPro Guided Power Optimization helps RTL engineers uncover power issues in their RTL right from the early stage of the design cycle until code-freeze to achieve highly power optimized IPs/SOCs.


Start early on Power

With PowerPro Guided Power Optimization, you can start exploring your designs for power related problems with very early stage RTL by utilizing early power checking that does not require any stimuli or libraries.

Early Power Checking Flow

Know where power is being wasted

PowerPro Guided Power Optimization helps find potential power problems by exploring opportunities where power is wasted through structural, functional and sequential analysis of the design and reports them by hierarchy to enable fast debug and fix.


Maximize your power savings

PowerPro's Guided Power Optimization performs multi-cycle analysis to find sequential clock gating and memory gating opportunities in the design that save maximum power and incur minimal area penalty.

PowerPro's Guided Power Optimization performs multi-cycle analysis

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