Automatic Power Optimization

PowerPro automatic power optimization is the industry’s leading low-power design solution that helps deliver energy efficient IPs/SOCs by offering an automatic, push-button flow to generate low-power RTL and verify it formally against original RTL for equivalence.

PowerPro Automatic Power Optimization
Key features

Industry’s only true Automatic Power Optimization

PowerPro’s automatic power optimization is the leading solution in the industry that generates power optimized RTL automatically through a push-button flow and allows formally verifying the generated RTL.


Achieve Power Reduction Within Tight Schedules

Power Optimization could be a challenge during late stages of the RTL design, requiring multiple days of effort. PowerPro automatic power optimization performs sequential analysis on the design to find complex enables that maximize power savings and writes out the power optimized RTL in hours.


Generate Power Optimized RTL Through Push-Button flow

PowerPro automatic power optimization generates low-power RTL automatically through a push-button flow. It inserts enable conditions to the original RTL to introduce new enables and strengthens existing enables while maintaining the indentation of the original RTL and its readability.


Validate Changes to the Power Optimized Netlist

PowerPro ECO flow validates automatically implemented gating on an ECOed design to avoid resynthesizing a stable design that has already undergone place and route. It dumps out eco directives to disable invalid enables in the gate-level netlist.

PowerPro ECO Flow
RTL power optimization is a critical step in our high-performance, low-power design methodology for PC graphics, visual computing, and applications processors.
Dan Smith, Director, Hardware Engineering, NVIDIA Corporation

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