PowerPro Emulation Power

PowerPro Emulation Power Analysis boosts runtime and performance of the power analysis flow by up to 4x times. PowerPro delivers complete RTL power exploration and accurate gate-level power analysis through a unique dynamic read waveform API integration with PowerPro.

PowerPro Emulation Power Analysis Veloce Power App

PowerPro Emulation Power - Activity Plot

The Activity Plot is a distinctive capability that allows a power analysis team to run long test sequences and quickly isolate high switching regions over long emulation runs; these regions represent actual power concerns.


Dynamic Read Waveform API

The Dynamic Read Waveform API approach captures the information from the power switching activity plot and transfers that data to power analysis tools.

Dynamic Read Waveform API

Identify High Toggle Activity Regions

Once you identify high switching activity regions at the top level of your design, you can analyze the various sub-blocks or applications that are the main source of this high switching.

Identify High Toggle Activity Regions

Estimation Analysis Feature

Design partitioning allows running ultra large designs with very long simulation traces, enabling faster time to power.

PowerPro Power Analysis with Veloce Emulation

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