Precision RTL

Precision RTL, our entry-level FPGA synthesis product, offers best-in-class quality of results with a vendor-independent FPGA synthesis solution. It is tightly integrated with FormalPro LEC for equivalency checking and HDL Designer for design capture and design verification using ModelSim/Questa.


Industry-leading FPGA synthesis

With a rich feature set that includes advanced optimizations, award-winning analysis, and industry-leading language support, Precision RTL enables vendor-independent design, accelerates time to market, eliminates design defects, and delivers superior quality of results.


FPGA Vendor Independent Synthesis

Precision RTL offers vendor independent FPGA synthesis and allows you to target across multiple vendors such as AMD Xilinx, Intel FPGA (Altera), Lattice or Microchip (Microsemi). Designers may use the same HDL and constraint inputs for any vendor/device.



Excellent Quality of Results

Precision RTL has been tuned to each vendor’s FPGA architecture and device resources. Users can achieve best-in-class performance and area through Precision’s effective utilization of DSPs, RAMs, shift registers & carry chains.

Precision Synthesis Performance Flow


Integration with Siemens FPGA Flow

Siemens EDA has the only complete FPGA design flow in the industry with Precision RTL Plus in the center. It has tight integration with the following flows:

Siemens EDA's complete FPGA design Flow

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