Precision RTL

Siemens entry-level FPGA synthesis offering excellent quality of results, award-winning analysis tools, and FPGA vendor-independent solution. Includes industry-leading Verilog/VHDL/SystemVerilog and mixed-language support.

Precision RTL Flow
Key Features

Industry-leading FPGA Synthesis

With a rich feature set that includes advanced optimizations, award-winning analysis, and industry-leading language support, Precision RTL enables vendor-independent design, accelerates time to market, eliminates design defects, and delivers superior quality of results.

FPGA of your choice

FPGA Vendor Independent Synthesis

Precision RTL FPGA vendor independent synthesis allows you to target across multiple FPGA vendors such as Intel (Altera), Lattice, Microchip (Microsemi), QuickLogic or Xilinx. Designers may use the same HDL and constraint inputs for any vendor/device. This enables you to choose the best device for your design based on performance, area, power and price.


Excellent quality of results

Meet performance goals quickly with Precision RTL’s advanced technology-independent as well as technology-specific timing-driven optimizations. Area and timing are further optimized by using FPGA vendor-specific inference of specialized FPGA resources such as DSPs, RAMs, shift registers & carry chains.

Precision Synthesis Performance Flow
Language freedom

Industry leading language support

Precision RTL is an industry-leader offering the broadest coverage of HDL language support among the FPGA synthesis tools. Designers may use any combination of Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog, and EDIF languages. It supports timing constraints in the SDC (Synopsys Design Constraint) format used in FPGA designs.

Precision Synthesis industry leading HDL language support among the FPGA synthesis tools

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