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High-Level Synthesis Tools

With leading C++ and SystemC support, Catapult offers advanced High-Level Synthesis (HLS) tools for FPGA, eFPGA, and ASIC. Catapult will accelerate your success with solutions for outstanding Quality of Results (QoR) through physical awareness, low-power estimation & optimization, design checking, lint, formal, and code coverage.

Webinar Series

HLS For Vision & Deep Learning Applications

Deep learning and vision applications are exploding. Leading companies like NVIDIA, Google, and Bosch, have turned to the Catapult HLS platform to address their cutting-edge needs. This 8-part technical webinar is designed for those that know very little about HLS, as well as those familiar with HLS concepts but want real examples of its use in computer vision and deep learning.


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Catapult High-Level Synthesis

Take a look to find out how the Catapult high-level synthesis platform enables you to do more, and do it better. Learn about Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Communications, Video, and more with just a click. Siemens' High-Level Synthesis and Verification (HLS & HLV) tools deliver the competitive edge you need.