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Symphony platform

The industry’s fastest and most configurable mixed-signal solution to accurately verify design functionality, connectivity, and performance across A/D interfaces at all levels of the design hierarchy and for all IC applications. Now available - Symphony Pro!

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Key features

Symphony mixed-signal platform

Symphony’s modular architecture leverages AFS to provide the fastest mixed-signal simulation performance with nm SPICE accuracy, proven on a wide range of ICs and IC subsystems, including ADCs, transceivers, and PMICs, multi-GHz PLLs/DLLs, and sensors.

Fully configurable architecture

  • Fit-to-purpose architecture and design-aware technologies
  • Supports industry-leading digital solvers
  • Extensible to all Siemens Digital Industries Software analog solvers
  • Provides maximum reuse of verification infrastructure
  • Integrated into leading schematic capture flows
  • Provides comprehensive language support
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Best-in-class usability and setup

  • Support for analog/digital-centric flows
  • Simple and intuitive configuration file format
  • Ability to reuse A/D command-line arguments
  • Powerful A/D boundary element support
  • Efficient waveform viewing with Solido Waveform viewer
  • Save/restore capability for enhanced productivity

Advanced verification and debug

  • Mixed-signal Hi-Z detection
  • Solido Variation Designer integration
  • BE Browser with cross-probing for visual context-based debugging
  • Tcl interactive mode for runtime debugging
Artistic rendering of AMS Solido Variation Designer

Symphony Pro

  • Support for advanced digital-centric verification methodologies for mixed-signal designs
  • Comprehensive support for real number modeling
  • Support of mixed-signal coverage and assertions
  • Support of low power mixed signal verification
  • Seamless debug experience across the entire mixed-signal design hierarchy with
    Visualizer MS
  • Works with Siemens EDA Questa logic simulator

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