Software Prototyping Platform

Veloce proFPGA CS

Veloce proFPGA CS is the highest performance software prototyping platform optimized for software verification and hardware/software system integration validation. This is a highly flexible and affordable platform from single FPGA to multi-blade for very large designs.

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Veloce proFPGA CS Platform

Key Features

High Performance Prototyping for Software verification

The software in today's products is more growing in complexity, verifying software early is key to the product success and time to market. Veloce proFPGA CS performance, at-speed interfaces, and scalability enables software teams to validate and debug software well before silicon availability.

Performance First

Veloce proFPGA CS hardware has been architected with the highest possible performance as the main target. Performance is essential for enabling the verfication of complex software workloads, booting operating system, run applications on a fully configurable prototyping platform tailored to the specific needs of the project. Veloce proFPGA CS desktop system can offer performance in the range of 100 of Mhz.

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Scalability & Flexibility

Veloce proFPGA CS is highly scalable, from a single blade on the desk to multi-blade rack mount configurations for multi-user environments. Users have the flexibility of defining the number of FPGA’s, the interconnects, the at-speed protocol interfaces, that best match the verification and performance needs of the project.

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Fast Bring Up

Veloce proFPGA CS features automatic software to accelerate the bring up of the design on the prototype platform. The Veloce software removes the manual tasks of modifying the design to become FPGA friendly, timing hazard free when running on the FPGA. The software can perform a fully automated, as well as a users’ guided partitioning of the design among multi-FPGA devices.

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