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Siemens 3D IC Reliability: Ensure design

3D IC Reliability workflow

The Siemens 3D IC Reliability workflow solution includes comprehensive reliability analysis tools to support advanced 2.5D and 3D IC package designs.

3D IC Reliability workflow for advanced SiP designs

The Siemens 3D IC Reliability workflow includes comprehensive analysis tools for use during planning, implementation through signoff to ensure advanced SiP designs meet product’s quality, yield, manufacturability, and reliability requirements. The 3D IC Reliability workflow complements Siemens 3D IC designer, architect, analysis and test workflows.

An integrated, gate/transistor level thermal analysis engine enables IC designers to collaborate with system and package designers to evaluate the thermal implications of their chiplets in the context of the entire SiP design. Create Boundary Condition Independent Reduced Order Model (BCI-ROM) thermal models to support full SiP, PCB and system-level thermal analysis. Use thermo-mechanical stress analysis to assess stress-induced reliability issues during package assembly and thermal cycling during production operation. Leverage advanced design for manufacturing (DFM) checking tools for package and chiplet designs to ensure optimal product yield and reliability.


The benefits of Siemens 3D IC Reliability workflow

Thermal and mechanical analysis

  • Thermal mechanical stress analysis with co-simulation and optimization
  • Multi-die, chiplet, ASIC, interposer, package thermal and stress analysis
  • High fidelity thermal modeling for SiP designs
  • Thermal cycling reliability analysis

Integrated and comprehensive tool

  • Single integrated and comprehensive test planning and implementation solution for all levels of 2.5/3D package assembly
  • Advanced chiplet and SiP level ERC reliability verification
  • Integrated physical package design tools

DFM verification

  • DFM substrate fabrication verification
  • Design analysis to ensure compliance with manufacturing constraints

Key capabilities of Siemens 3D IC Reliability workflow

  • Die, package, and system-level thermal analysis
  • Thermo-mechanical stress analysis
  • Thermal/stress co-design optimization
  • Mechanical package design
  • Reliability verification: ESD/EOS, latch-up
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) signoff checks
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