Tessent Advanced DFT

Tessent Multi-Die

Next-generation devices increasingly feature complex architectures that connect dies vertically (3D IC) or side-by-side (2.5D) and behave as a single device. Tessent Multi-die software delivers comprehensive automation for the highly complex design for test (DFT) tasks associated with these designs.

Why Tessent Multi-die?

Dramatically speed and simplify critical design-for-test (DFT) tasks for next-generation integrated circuits (ICs) based on 2.5D and 3D architectures with Tessent Multi-die.

Solve complex 3D stacking challenges

Tessent Multi-die provides a comprehensive DFT automation solution for highly complex tasks associated with 2.5D and 3D IC designs and works seamlessly with Tessent TestKompress, Streaming Scan Network and IJTAG software.

Seamless integration

Tessent Multi-die seamlessly integrates with other Tessent products using an integrated Tessent platform.

Automate 3D IC DFT

Faster, simpler DFT enables IC design teams to generate compliant hardware rapidly. DFT technology that keeps pace with multi-dimensional designs allows for quicker test implementation and optimized manufacturing test costs.

3D IC design solutions

Explore and deliver product differentiation faster using 3D heterogeneous integration of node and performance-optimized chiplets with Siemens EDA's market-leading 3D IC technology solution.

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White Paper

Affordable/comprehensive DFT of 3D stacking die devices

Facing manufacturing limitations with respect to die sizes? These advanced designs already push current design-for-test solutions to the limits. In this paper, we outline a path to scalable DFT solutions into the third dimension to deliver an affordable and comprehensive answer to this question.

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