Xpedition Substrate Integrator

Heterogeneous and homogeneous 2.5/3DIC Package Connectivity Planning, assembly prototyping, & system technology co-optimization

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2.5/3D IC Package Planning

Early prototyping and exploration allows engineers to evaluate different ASIC/chiplet, interposer, package, and PCB integration scenarios in order to meet overall PPA, device size, routability, and
cost goals prior to detailed physical implementation.

System Connectivity Management

Construction and visualization of system-level logical connectivity of multi-die, multi-component, and multi-substrate IC package designs. Provides the ability to use System Verilog and graphical schematics to derive all or partial logical connectivity along with spreadsheet or interactive creation.

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Cross-Domain Interconnect Optimization

Visualization of the complete system in a single floorplan-in-floorplan view with flight lines or data-paths indicating connectivity between devices. Rules-based connectivity optimization can be run from any direction by signal, bus, or interface. Escape and breakout routing can be easily included to drive the System Technology Co-Optimization (STCO) process.

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Calibre 3DSTACK

In conjunction with Calibre 3DSTACK, Xpedition Substrate Integrator uniquely identifies geometries per layer per die placement in the assembly, allowing accurate checking between dies. With the ability to differentiate the layers of interest per individual die placement, Calibre 3DSTACK enables designers to verify the physical attributes of each die.

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Tackling 2.5D Verification

These tools allowed us to detect out-of-sync connectivity between the design intent and the design implementation, preventing potential opens/shorts that could have occurred between the package and the PCB. If undetected, these errors could have created a costly time-consuming respin.

Using xSI Calibre 3DSTACK identifies LVS violations that go undetected during layout, even in single die flipchip packages.

The challenges of advanced IC package design


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The 10-week delay to market would have been very costly to eSilicon. Having the methodology in place to catch these errors prior to tape out pretty much pays for itself. We needed a more robust methodology to avoid these manual type mistakes that were inherent in our previous process.
Tony Mastroianni, Senior Director of Engineering

High density advanced packaging (HDAP) product trials

Explore the differentiated capabilities of the Xpedition and Calibre technologies in these self-contained cloud-hosted virtual laboratories.