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Innovator3D IC

Innovator3D IC is a unified cockpit for design planning, prototyping and predictive multi-physics analysis. It delivers fast and predictable planning and heterogeneous integration of ASICs and chiplets using the latest semiconductor packaging 2.5D and 3D technology platforms and substrates.

Innovator3D IC solution overview

Innovator3D IC (i3D) is a unified cockpit for design planning, prototyping and predictive analysis of 2.5/3D heterogeneous integrated devices that constructs a digital twin unified data model of the complete semiconductor package assembly. By using System Technology Co-optimization (STCO) i3D enables designers to meet their power, performance, area (PPA) and cost objectives.

A screen shot of the Innovator3D IC canvas
“For advanced heterogeneous integration platforms such as EMIB, an integrated floorplanning and prototyping cockpit with predictive analysis is essential. Through our collaboration with Siemens EDA, we see Innovator3D IC as an important design technology component for our advanced integration platforms.”
Suk Lee, VP & GM of Ecosystem Technology Office, Intel Foundry
demo video

3Dblox support

This demo video will show 3Dblox being imported into Innovator3D IC. Next you will see how to make an edit and then how to export
and re-import to see the change.

Frequently asked questions about Innovator3D IC

What other Siemens technologies are integrated with Innovator3D IC?

Innovator3D IC use its digital twin to drive ASIC, Chiplet and Interposer implementation using Aprisa and Xpedition Package Designer, Calibre multi-physics analysis, NX mechanical design, Tessent test, Calibre signoff and release to fabrication and manufacturing through a managed and secure design IP digital thread conduit.

I3D will be available in 2 configurations, one targeting those companies/designers who do not undertake any form of ASIC/chiplet bump-planning or co-design. The other targeting those companies/designers who do undertake ASIC/chiplet bump-planning and co-design with the semiconductor P&R designers.

Siemens provides open technology, we recognize that many companies may have non-Siemens tools and we openly integrate with those.

Innovator3D IC supports the import and export of 3Dblox files along with 3D visualization of what was imported.

Innovator3D IC leverages machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in multiple areas. For example, when assigning the system-level logical netlist between multiple die, or chiplets, Innovator3D IC uses unique machine learning algorithms to optimize the netlist across all the levels of the design hierarchy concurrently.