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3D IC Analysis workflow

Siemens 3D IC Analysis: Boost SiP design efficiency

The Siemens 3D IC Analysis workflow solution includes predictive, in-design and signoff analysis tools to support advanced 2.5D and 3D IC package designs.

Maximizing SiP performance with 3D IC Analysis workflow

The Siemens 3D IC Analysis workflow includes extraction tools and workflows to support System-in-Package (SiP) level signal and power integrity analysis, static and dynamic infrared (IR) drop and electromigration and static typing analysis (STA). The 3D IC Analysis workflow complements Siemens 3D IC designer, architect, reliability and test workflows.

The predictive extraction and analysis workflows support early pre-layout analysis. During the design implementation phase, in-design analysis enables rapid analysis. Finally, the workflow supports full signoff check and analysis for design signoff to manufacturing.

3D IC Analysis Wheel

Benefits of the Siemens 3D IC Analysis workflow

Integrated parasitic extraction

  • Integrated parasitic extraction across silicon and organic structure to support 2.5D and 3D analysis
  • Optional integration with third party analysis tools

Timing and sign off analysis

  • System level static timing analysis timing simulation
  • Support for predictive, in-design and sign off analysis 

EMI, signal and power analysis

  • System level signal and power integrity analysis
  • Comprehensive IR drop and electromagnetic (IR) analysis

Siemens 3D IC Analysis workflow: The key to SiP design

Silicon and organic parasitic extraction (PEX) to support 2.5 and 3D SiP level analysis for the following analysis workflows:

  • Signal integrity analysis
  • Power integrity analysis
  • IR drop and electromagnetic analysis
  • STA support
  • Timing simulation support
3D IC Analysis workflow

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