Padlock on CPU computer circuit board. Lock over the motherboard. Network security concept. 3d illustration

Tessent Safety and Security

Optimize security

Implement a comprehensive security solution for your integrated circuit (IC) product. Address authentication, communication, protection and device lifecycle management that spans across test, functional operation and system-level security with our solutions.

Cybersecurity for connected and autonomous vehicles

Tessent joins Secure-CAV, a technology-led consortium working to drive the development of cybersecurity solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles. Learn more about what Secure-CAV is doing to understand and overcome the cybersecurity concerns. Read the white paper, visit Secure-CAV and watch our video to learn more.

A visual illustration of cars on a highway with green and blue overlays representing multi-sensor driver assistance. Simcenter SCAPTOR accelerates the development of multi-sensor autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
We need to think about how we evolve standards, and how do security researchers effectively work with standards bodies to get things fixed really quickly, because that is an Achilles heel right now, I think, for future security.
David Rogers, MBE, Founder & CEO, Copper Horse Ltd