Engineering research agency performs testing with an electric sports car in a wind tunnel. Professional works on a laptop changing testing options.

Tessent Safety and Security

Enhance safety

Reduce risk and meet required safety standards with comprehensive in-system test and fault grading solutions. These ensure your product fully complies with the safety-critical applications it was designed for.

Case Study

NXP uses Tessent to facilitate functional safety

Learn about Arjen Bakker's, Senior DFT engineer at NPX, experience using Tessent Hybrid TK/LBIST in-system test to facilitate functional safety (ISO26262) on an Automotive Zonal ethernet switch. Discover the entire trajectory from specification to implementation using the Tessent Hybrid TK/LBIST flow and the Tessent Mission Mode controller with an APB interface.

As the need for compliance and evidence towards that compliance grows, that technology providing a very low-level transparency and understanding of the system is important.
Siraj Shaikh, Professor in Systems Security, Swansea University