Tessent Advanced DFT

Tessent MissionMode

Tessent MissionMode provides automation and on-chip IP to enable semiconductor chips in an automotive electronics system to be tested and diagnosed at any point during a vehicle’s functional operation. This helps to achieve ISO 26262 safety and long-term reliability requirements.

Why Tessent MissionMode?

Tessent MissionMode is the only commercial solution that provides the infrastructure for system software-based access to any test and diagnosis capabilities integrated within an automotive chip.

Flexible in-system test architecture

Provides system-level low latency access to all on-chip test resources for on-line test and diagnosis. The hierarchical network of scan insertion bit switches allows for communication to the distributed test resources.

Real-time test control

The Tessent MissionMode controller can be configured to operate in two different modes - CPU access mode and direct memory access mode (DMA).

ISO 26262 certified

Tessent MissionMode is delivered with an ISO 26262 software tool qualification report that provides the required evidence of the tool’s suitability for ISO 26262 related tasks.