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Access solutions that automate the application of safety and security technologies. With security becoming an ever-increasing concern, use Tessent to reduce risk and meet required standards and regulations.

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Meet the higher demand for zero-defect and adhere to safety standards and regulations in the automotive and IC industries. Tessent Safety and Security continuously develops technologies to meet your needs of enhancing safety, optimizing security, ensuring quality and increasing reliability.

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Case Study

Infineon reduces LBIST test time to functional safety

In this presentation, Daniel Tille of Infineon shows the use of LogicBIST with Observation Scan Technology, which is proven to drastically reduce logic built-in self-test (LBIST) test time for Infineon Automotive microcontrollers (MCUs).

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Solving verification challenges in functional safety

The demand for innovation continues to grow in safety critical markets such as automotive, industrial and mil-aero. Companies must ensure their products operate correctly and fail safely throughout the operational life. Learn how we are helping solve these issues.


Can Tessent BIST solutions be used as a safety mechanism in an automotive design?

Yes. Both Memory BIST and Logic BIST are great technologies to use as a safety mechanism, as they provide extremely high diagnostics coverage with minimal area.

Are the Tessent tools ISO26262 certified?

Yes, for each release there is an ISO 26262 certification that ensure the tools are suitable for use with Automotive projects.

What level of security does using Tessent Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) products provide in terms of access to sensitive data on chip?

Both TestKompress and SSN provide a level of data obfuscation due to the compression and the packetization that make it hard for any attacker to make use of the data coming from the scan architectures. We also plan to increase the level of obscurity even further with new technology.

Can the in-system test technologies be used while the device is in its target application?

Yes. The MissionMode In-system test controller allows you to run your system tests in many different test scenarios, including being able to test the device during functional operation.