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Tessent LogicBIST

Tessent LogicBIST is the industry’s leading built-in self-test solution for testing the digital logic components of integrated circuits. It is an ideal test solution for safety-critical devices such as ICs used in automotive and medical applications.

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Tessent LogicBIST with Observation Scan Technology helps meet the ISO 26262 requirements for in-system test time. Image showing the architecture of the product.

Tessent LogicBIST Resources

Learn more about the benefits of Tessent LogicBIST for reducing test pattern count, improving coverage, and meeting ISO 26262 in-system test requirements.

Key Features

Test for Safety-Critical Applications

Tessent LogicBIST efficiently integrates with Tessent MissionMode and Tessent TestKompress to create a complete in-system and manufacturing test solution for safety-critical devices.

Improve test coverage

VersaPoint test Points

Engineered for hybrid TK/LBIST applications, the Tessent VersaPoint test point technology improves ATPG pattern count and logic BIST testability at the same time. VersaPoint test points improve LBIST coverage by 2%-4% compared to traditional LBIST test points, while also reducing ATPG pattern count 2-4X compared to TestKompress alone.

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Meet in-system test time

Observation Scan Technology

By observing circuit data at each shift cycle, not only in capture, the Observation Scan Technology (OST) significantly reduces pattern count needed to reach target logic BIST test coverage. When test time is limited, for example at power-on, designs with OST can reach significantly higher coverage using the same number of patterns.

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Boost test efficiency

Integrated Hybrid Solution

Tessent Hybrid TK/LBIST efficiently combines the logic architecture of Tessent TestKompress and Tessent LogicBIST to improve test quality while avoiding any area penalty. With Tessent Hybrid TK/LBIST, you reap the benefits of both ATPG compression and logic BIST, improve test efficiency and address the requirements for in-system test required for safety-critical applications.

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