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Tessent Advanced DFT

Tessent MemoryBIST

Tessent MemoryBIST provides a complete solution for at-speed test, diagnosis, repair, debug, and characterization of embedded memories. Leveraging a flexible hierarchical architecture, built-in self-test and self-repair can be integrated in individual cores as well as at the top level.

Why Tessent MemoryBIST?

Tessent MemoryBIST, an industry-leading memory built-in self-test, includes a uniquely comprehensive automation flow that provides design rule checking, test planning, integration, and verification all at the RTL or gate level.

Advanced BIST access port

The advanced BAP provides a configurable interface to optimize in-system testing. It also supports a low-latency protocol to configure the memory BIST controller, execute Go/NoGo tests, and monitor the pass/fail status.

Algorithm programmability

Memory test algorithms can be hardcoded into the Tessent MemoryBIST controller, then applied to each memory through run-time control. This lets you select shorter test algorithms as the manufacturing process matures.

Power-aware on-chip self-repair

The Tessent MemoryBIST repair option eliminates the complexities and costs associated with external repair flows. It tests and permanently repairs all defective memories in a chip using virtually no external resources.