Tessent Advanced DFT

Tessent Streaming Scan Network

Tessent Streaming Scan Network packetizes test data to dramatically reduce DFT implementation effort and reduce manufacturing test cost. By decoupling core-level and chip-level DFT requirements, each core can be designed with the most optimal compression configuration for that core.

Why Tessent Streaming Scan Network?

Tessent Streaming Scan Network delivers the promise of true hierarchical plug-n-play DFT. By decoupling core-level DFT configuration from chip level DFT resources, the DFT planning and implementation effort is dramatically reduced while simultaneously reducing manufacturing test cost.

Shortened DFT development time

With Tessent SSN, core and chip level DFT is completely decoupled. Core-level compression can be optimized without considering other cores or chip level resources. Decisions like core grouping are made during pattern re-targeting.

Full routing and time closure

By eliminating top-level test mode muxing and routing of DFT signals from chip level pins to each core, routing and timing closure of DFT signals is dramatically simplified. SSN is ideal for tile-based design with abutment.

Reduced test time and volume

By combining automatic bandwidth tuning and local generation of DFT signals, whitespace is virtually eliminated from the test data. Identical cores can be tested at constant cost, with diagnosis support.

With Tessent Streaming Scan Network technology, we are able to offer our customers a scalable test access solution ideal for today’s and tomorrow’s advanced IC designs. SSN significantly reduces the effort needed to make complex designs highly testable.
Sangyun Kim, Vice President of Design Technology Team , Samsung Electronics

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