High-Level Synthesis & Verification

Worried your next RTL project will be late? Will your new “secret sauce” design suffice or will it consume too much power? How will you verify it’s functionally correct and optimally crafted before committing to RTL? Catapult High-Level Synthesis (HLS) & High-Level Verification changes the game.


RTL Design & Verification is Too Slow & Expensive

RTL productivity, especially for new and complex value-add blocks, has stalled. The design and verification challenges of creating new and novel architectures that deliver advantages in silicon for Wireless, 5G, ML, or Video/Image processing isn’t making life any easier for design teams.

Architecture Exploration

Will your hardware be system performance limited? Did you pick the right fundamental memory architecture? Or did you only find out during system integration and test that real-world performance isn’t what you needed?

Are You Still Debugging RTL?

Discovering bugs late in RTL means missed opportunities, less competitive silicon, tape out delays and ECO headaches. HLS design and verification delivers right-first-time RTL designs, with reduced server and tool cost.

Optimal Power Performance and Area

Delivering an optimal balance of Performance, Power and Area for your design needs is hard. Too little performance, too much power or too much area and you might miss a product cycle. Leverage HLS to design better and faster.


Customers Discuss their Real-World use of HLS

The past several years have seen an explosion in the adoption of HLS for chip design driven by increasing design and verification complexity as well as time to market pressures. HLS enables designers to get their chips to market faster by shortening the overall design and verification flow.

Catapult High-Level Synthesis Solutions

Catapult Synthesis solutions from Siemens deliver C++ and SystemC language support, FPGA and ASIC independence, ASIC power estimation and optimization plus the latest in Physically aware multi-VT area and performance optimization.

Resource Library

Catapult High-Level Synthesis

Take a look to find out how the Catapult High-Level Synthesis platform enables you to do more, and do it better. Learn about Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Communications, Video, and more with just a click. Siemens' High-Level Synthesis and Verification (HLS & HLV) tools deliver the competitive edge you need.

Explore Catapult High-Level Synthesis' resources to learn more about its successful implementation across numerous applications and customers.