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C++/SystemC/RTL Formal

Formally verify the correctness of hand-written or Catapult-generated RTL vs High-Level models using Sequential Logic Equivalence Checking. Even with differences in language, timing, and interfaces, SLEC-System verifies manual RTL with SLEC-HLS proving C++ vs Catapult generated RTL.

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Formal Verification of C++/SystemC/RTL

When designers move high-level design descriptions into RTL, or make power optimizations to RTL, they need to know if the result is functionally equivalent to the original, possibly high-level description. SLEC delivers solutions for manual, HLS, and power optimization RTL verification.


Leading Formal Equivalency Checking

Paired with a range of best-in-class engines, this powerful verification approach enables bug hunting, bounded-check, and full-proof strategies. SLEC is designed to complement typical simulation-based verification, and it is integrated with debug tools like Siemens EDA Visualizer for understanding falsifications.

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Manual Formal Equivalence Checking

For the toughest manual formal verification challenges involving complex implementations in hand-coded RTL. SLEC-System delivers capabilities enabling formal proof of design blocks as challenging as double precision floating point multiplication, mult-add and other problems that simply cannot be exhaustively simulated in RTL.

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Automatic Formal Equivalence for Catapult HLS RTL

An external testbench or SCVerify RTL simulation can provide good functional verification confidence. SLEC-HLS enhances confidence by verifying that Catapult high-level synthesis RTL has exact functional equivalency to the source C++ without requiring exhaustive simulation. Mismatches are formally proven and flagged with counter-examples.

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RTL Power Optimization Formal Verification

When making optimizations automatically for Power, PowerPro Optimizer users now benefit from an automated setup for SLEC that proves the sequential equivalence between the original and optimized RTL. SLEC-Pro can also be leveraged in conjunction with RTL optimized as part of the Catapult HLS Low Power flow.

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