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Electronic Systems Design & Manufacturing
<p>Integrated multi-board electronic systems engineering, from system definition through manufacturing execution.</p>

The Digital Transformation of Electronic Systems

The electronics industry is fast approaching a new era of digital transformation. Digital technologies bring together all the aspects of product design, including mechanical and electronics, and streamline the entire design process — from product inception through to manufacturing.

Reduce Risk in Electronic Systems Design

Product, organizational, and process complexity of electronic systems design risks budget overruns, missed schedules, and design errors. Companies must adopt a digital transformation strategy that addresses inefficiencies and optimizes multi-domain systems design, verification, and manufacturing.

Address Critical Engineering Challenges

Dealing with increasing systems complexity requires a complete PCB systems design flow covering multi-board definition, design capture, high-density advanced packaging, electro-mechanical co-design, physical layout, verification, and streamlined hand-off to manufacturing.

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