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ASE - IC Packaging Services Provider

ASE, Inc. (a member of ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd.) is the leading global provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test. Their technologies have enabled their customers to create cutting edge products that deliver superior performance, power, speed and connectivity.

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About ASE Group

ASE is a primary architect of Heterogeneous Integration (HI) - the technology that integrates separately manufactured components into a higher-level assembly (System-in-Package or SiP) that, in the aggregate provides enhanced functionality and improved operational characteristics.

ASE's Key Technologies

Heterogeneous Integration is now the key technology in the advancement of integrated systems for greater intelligence and connectivity, higher bandwidth and performance, and lower latency and power per function, all at a more manageable cost. ASE’s latest achievements as part of the OSAT Alliance include an assembly design kit (ADK) that helps customers using ASE’s Fan Out Chip on Substrate (FOCoS) and 2.5D Middle End of Line (MEOL) technologies to fully leverage the Siemens HDAP design flow. ASE and Siemens have also agreed to extend their partnership to include the future creation of a single design platform from FOWLP to 2.5D substrate design. These joint initiatives leverage Siemens’ Xpedition™ Substrate Integrator software and Calibre® 3DSTACK platform. 

"By adopting the Siemens Xpedition Substrate Integrator and Calibre® 3DSTACK technologies, and through integration with the current ASE design flow, we can now leverage this mutually developed flow, to significantly reduce 2.5D/3D IC and FOCoS package assembly planning and verification cycle times by about 30 to 50 percent in each design iteration."
Dr. C.P. Hung, Vice President, ASE Group

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OSAT enables member companies to develop, validate, and support IC package assembly design kits (ADKs) that drive broader adoption of emerging technologies by fabless semiconductor and systems companies looking for greater heterogeneous integration.