OSAT Alliance Program

OSAT enables member companies to develop, validate, and support IC package assembly design kits (ADKs) that drive broader adoption of emerging technologies by fabless semiconductor and systems companies looking for greater heterogeneous integration.

HDAP OSAT Alliance Program Graph

OSAT alliance partners​

The OSAT Alliance Program recognizes the importance and influence of the supply chain in enabling and promoting the adoption of HDAP. Through OSAT, partners can develop, validate, and support assembly design kits (ADK) so their customers can design more efficiently and predictably.

Amkor SmartPackage

Amkor Technology is the world's largest automotive OSAT. Amkor developed, tested, and certified the SmartPackage Package Assembly Design Kit (PADK) for the Siemens HDAP solution.

ASE Fanout and 2.5/3D

ASE is the world's largest OSAT. In collaboration with Siemens, they now offer Assembly Planning and 3D LVS verification of their FOPoP, FOCoS, FOCoS-Bridge, and 2.5/3D technologies

Deca Technologies M-Series

Deca developed an M-Series Assembly Design Kit (ADK), which supports the Siemens high density advanced packaging (HDAP) design process and tools.