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Production-proven, AI-driven EDA

Siemens EDA AI

We are the pioneer and industry leader in providing production-proven, AI-driven EDA solutions to help you quickly deliver innovations to market.

Discover our production-proven, AI-driven EDA solutions

Since 2008, Siemens EDA has been setting the standard for AI in EDA applications, delivering predictable, repeatable and verifiable outcomes without unpredictable AI hallucinations. Today our AI-driven solutions are production proven in hundreds of customer designs.

Deliver productivity with AI modeling technologies

Our solutions employ the right AI learning models needed to solve specific challenges and increase productivity.

Analytical AI

Identification of key design insights not practical with manual methods.

Predictive AI

Domain-specific predictive models to reduce computational requirements and accelerate
root-cause debug.

Generative AI

Accelerate design creation, system optimization and model abstraction.

Address key business challenges

  • Quality - Semiconductor growth in end-use applications across all industries.
  • Schedule - Manage schedules as complexity increases.
  • Resources - Non-linear increase across the toolchain and processes.
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Siemens EDA AI solutions deliver

  • Faster design closure
  • Fewer re-spins
  • Reduced design errors
  • Accelerated debug
  • Prioritized resources
  • Increased proficiency
  • Improved quality
  • Optimized logistics

Siemens EDA AI platform benefits

Siemens EDA AI solutions deliver next-generation productivity.


AI-enabled tools

AI-embedded tools to deliver error-free designs.


AI-streamlined workflows

Automate cross domain operations to streamline end-to-end processes.


AI-empowered engineers

AI-enabled platform helps engineers make better, faster, and more informed decisions.

Siemens EDA AI results

Verifiable AI empowered tools deliver trusted, repeatable value while you control your own your data.

Questa - 3x reduction in verification coverage closure time and 10x reduction in the verification of design changes

Solido - 2-1000X+ faster simulation and analysis

Tessent - 10x faster architecture implementation and 5x shorter test time for DFT

Veloce - 50% reduction in RTL compile time and 100% increase in throughput

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