Achieve smarter and faster Test with AI

By using Tessent tools with embedded AI capabilities, you can simplify design tasks, achieve faster results, and decrease time-to-market

Engineering a smarter future

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are quickly becoming integral to electronic design. Expert systems, a fundamental form of AI that leverages automation, emulate the decision-making processes of human experts. The integration of AI technologies like expert systems not only simplifies complex tasks but also enables greater efficiency, accuracy and scalability.

The goal of EDA is to simplify design tasks and enable greater capabilities using automation embedded within software tools. The Tessent approach is to solve problems algorithmically, freeing designers to focus on the value-add only they can provide. Whether using expert systems embedded within Tessent Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) that simplify test processes, or employing ML techniques for improved fault isolation, Tessent solutions help designers meet the quality and time-to-market requirements of large, advanced-node chips.

Tessent - AI Inward

Our design tools embed three types of AI - adaptive, additive and assistive.

Adaptive AI - Adaptive refers to the ability to intelligently solve problems presented to it. It improves existing functionality by leveraging contextual information.

Additive AI - Additive uses limited memory to make decisions and enables new functionality by using temporal information.

Assistive AI - Assistive is a self-learning capability which optimizes and extends the Tessent products by leveraging extrapolated knowledge.

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