Model-Driven Part Creation

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Model-Driven Part Creation

A powerful component and ECAD library management solution helps librarians speed up the process of researching and selecting parts.

Get in touch with our sales team 1-800-547-3000

Chart showing relationship from part search to part creation

Model-Driven Part Creation Resources

Key Features

Create and Manage PCB Parts in One Central Library

PartQuest provides the building blocks needed to design new products fast. With free access to millions of electronic components, you can quickly search, select, and drag & drop the symbols, footprints, and 3D models you need in seconds.

Single Entry Point for Creation of PCB Components

Provides a single control center for library part development, including the logical to physical mapping of PCB part data. Allows for the import and export of parts data and displays part relationships in a viewable navigator tree.

Screenshot of PCB component creation

Integrate Symbol, Cell, Padstack, and Part Editors

Provides built-in consistency checking and verification and enables common property definition and editing.

Screenshot of Xpedition software demonstrating consistency checking and verification
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