Web-based Design Review

Optimize collaboration across the larger enterprise with a web-based platform that increases management visibility into projects and facilitates design reviews.

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Design review process chart
Key Features

Optimizing Collaboration Through Design Reviews

Xpedition reduces total design time by enabling effective collaboration and integrated design reviews.

Enable Team-wide Access to Data

Web interface for data mining your ECAD data and providing cloud access to ECAD consumers.

Screenshot of data access enablement

Searching, Filtering, and Where-used

Catalogs and production libraries aid the user in organizing search data and narrowing search results. To save time, frequent searches may be saved as filtering schemes and shared among users. Easily find frequently used components and reuse blocks.

Graphic of Collaborative Digital Thread

Comment and Markup

Robust interface allowing graphical markup, file attachment, design object association, and search tags. Notify specific users or groups during graphical design reviews to ensure critical feedback is shared.

Screenshot demonstrating comments and mark-ups.