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Verifying Serial Channels for Protocol Compliance

HyperLynx SerDes Compliance Analysis is the next generation in serial link compliance analysis – automatically verifying serial channels for compliance with over 200 different protocols and variants. HyperLynx lets you verify all the serial channels in your design, automatically, overnight!

What is Compliance Analysis and why is it important?

Simulating serial link performance with vendor IBIS-AMI models is difficult. SerDes Compliance Analysis focuses on the serial channel (interconnect) itself, ensuring it meets the requirements of the associated standard - a process that is much more reliable and automatable.

Automating post-layout serial link compliance analysis

HyperLynx extracts accurate electrical channel models from layout, analyzes channels for standards compliance and produces a comprehensive, interactive report that shows which channels passed, which failed, and by how much. With HyperLynx, engineers can run automated serial link compliance analysis that provides accurate 3D electromagnetic modeling and doesn't require them to be a signal integrity expert.

HyperLynx ensures designs will work before manufacture

Standards protocol compliance is critical to the success of any SerDes-based design. With HyperLynx, you can ensure that all the serial links in your design meet all of the standard requirements, before releasing the design for prototype fabrication.

Learn More about SerDes Channel Design

If you want to learn more about how HyperLynx can help you design serial channels and automate post-route verification, explore the resources in the library below!