Changing the game in SerDes verification

Validate SerDes-based designs before fabrication with SI methodology. Can your existing methodology verify your entire design overnight? HyperLynx can!

Validating SerDes-Based Designs

Did you know HyperLynx will verify the performance of all the serial channels in your design for protocol compliance, automatically—and you don’t need to be an SI expert to use it? We invite you to explore the resources on this page to learn how you can reduce risk by verifying your design with HyperLynx. The 5-minute overview video above is a great place to start, while the white papers and on-demand webinars will take a deeper dive into validation
of SerDes-based designs. When you’re ready, request access to the Serial Link Compliance Analysis virtual lab—we’ll promptly send you an access code and link to the lab.

Automating post-layout serial link compliance analysis

Watch this video to discover how you can run an automated process that provides 3D electromagnetic modeling accuracy without having to be an SI expert with the computer hardware you already have offloading compute-intensive tasks in the cloud.

Channel equalization techniques for serial interfaces

In this paper, we’ll highlight some important aspects of the most popular interconnect specifications, with a focus on equalization techniques for Serial Interfaces.

Serial Channel Design and Verification with HyperLynx

These webinars show how HyperLynx helps explore design spaces to determine routing rules (Design), and how detailed 3D Electromagnetic (EM) modeling is used to analyze routed boards to ensure they will work before manufacture (Verification).

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Ready to try Compliance Analysis for yourself?

Use this link to request access to our Virtual Lab, which guides you step by step through running HyperLynx Compliance Analysis on a multi-board, multi-processor design.