Veloce ProFPGA Prototyping Solutions

Veloce ProFPGA: easy-to-deploy desktop FPGA prototyping

The Siemens Veloce proFPGA solution is a high-performance, easy-to-deploy system for desktop FPGA prototyping.

Veloce FPGA Prototyping Solutions Overview

The Veloce FPGA prototyping solution system architecture offers best-in-class modularity, scalability, flexibility, and portability to serve the verification requirements of today’s hardware and software engineers.

This FPGA prototyping solution is easy to deploy empowering design teams to bring-up on their own lab environment quickly to perform pre-silicon validation of ICs and software.

Key Capabilities of Veloce FPGA Prototyping Solutions


Scalable, modular and flexible Verification environment


Automated software solution that accelerates the bring-up of desktop prototype solution

Advanced debugging

Advanced industry-leading debug capabilities regardless of proto type's use model and environment

Benefits of Veloce FPGA Prototyping Solutions

  • High performance
  • Best-in-class modularity
  • Rich availability of FPGA I/Os and SerDes
  • Timely support for new FPGA devices
  • Most compact prototyping system
  • Fast bring-up and easy-to-use

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