Tessent Advanced DFT

Tessent ScanPro

Tessent ScanPro provides advanced scan DFT features that maximize the performance of scan-based test, such as those provided by Tessent TestKompress, Tessent FastScan, and Tessent LogicBIST products.

Why Tessent ScanPro?

Tessent ScanPro is the industry’s highest capacity and most flexible scan test solution.

Reduce scan integration effort and time


  • Partitioning of scan chains based on clock domains, power domains, physical clusters
  • Re-use of existing scan segments/chains and existing shift registers
  • Insertion of dedicated and shared wrapper cells for core-based

Pattern volume reduction

Tessent ScanPro includes the VersaPoint test point technology that directly targets ATPG pattern volume reduction of 2X to 4X in addition to increasing logic BIST test coverage.

Smart automation

Integrated into the end-to-end automation flow of Tessent Platform and includes advanced design introspection and editing capabilities. Introspection is based on TCL and a comprehensive set of related manipulation commands.

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