Tessent FastScan

Tessent FastScan is the gold standard in automatic test pattern generation, creating high-coverage, compact test sets with support for a wide range of fault models, comprehensive design rule checks, extensive clocking support, and innovative algorithms for performance-oriented pattern compaction.

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Key Features

Industry-Leading ATPG Solution

High Test Quality

Supports all traditional fault models, timing aware test, user-defined fault models, Cell-Aware test, Automotive-grade ATPG, and false and multi-cycle paths.

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Supports any Design Flow

Support for any common scan implementation. Fully integrated with Tessent Scan / ScanPro. Designed to work in all design environments using any combination of synthesis, place-and-route, and verification tools.

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Tessent Silicon Lifecycle solutions provide IP and applications that detect, mitigate and eliminate risks throughout the IC lifecycle, from DFT through continuous IC monitoring.


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