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Tessent Embedded Analytics

In-life monitoring

Enable application software running on a system-on-chip (SoC) to monitor its own operation with Tessent Embedded Analytics. Products can be successively refined and optimized based on data gathered in real-life usage.

Realize continuous monitoring and optimization

The Tessent Embedded Analytics solution can be used to produce health and operation metrics throughout the lifecycle of an SoC. Embedded software based on the Tessent Embedded SDK can drive the Tessent Embedded Analytics smart monitors to create a self-contained on-chip monitoring system.


DFT to in-life monitoring for electronic systems

Watch as Ankur Gupta, Tessent Vice President and General Manager, presents information on design for testability (DFT) to In-life monitoring for dependable electronic systems at ITC 2022.

White Paper

Long tail latency and server debug

Read more about the impact of long tail latency and server debug. Understand detailed software strategies for latency avoidance and performance debug.

White Paper

Harness system-level data to optimize manycore AI chips

The novel multicore architectures of SoCs for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications are expected to deliver huge improvements in power efficiency.

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Tessent Embedded SDK

The Tessent Embedded SDK is a set of software libraries designed to be compiled and run on an embedded system within an SoC. It provides a way to configure and control Embedded Analytics monitors from within the SoC itself and process the resulting system-level behavioral data.

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