A silicon wafer reflects different colors.

Proven design-stage verification

Shift left with Calibre solutions

The Calibre nmPlatform provides your company the freedom and flexibility to create a best-in-class shift-left solution using trusted, proven Calibre functionality and efficiency.

Calibre shift-left solutions

The semiconductor industry depends on constant innovation and improvement to maintain the steady growth in integrated circuit (IC) design complexity and size while ensuring products can still be manufactured.

The Calibre shift-left strategy provides pioneering tools and techniques based on proven functionality that embed Calibre signoff-quality verification and optimization into the design flow far earlier, reducing signoff iterations and time to tapeout while ensuring Calibre-quality results.

Replacing the limited verification functionality provided by custom design and place and route (P&R) tools, a Calibre shift-left implementation gives designers and P&R engineers access to foundry-preferred, full-featured Calibre design verification functionality.

By understanding and applying best practices for the use of Calibre shift-left tools and taking advantage of new resource usage models, design companies can benefit from a Calibre shift-left implementation to realize faster iteration times and significantly reduced review and debug times, resulting in increased productivity, higher quality designs, and faster time to market.

Calibre shift-left resources can guide you through selecting and implementing the optimal strategy for your needs and help you better understand and optimize the use of Calibre shift-left tools and technology for the best results.

Design-stage layout optimization

Calibre DesignEnhancer

Calibre DesignEnhancer automated layout analysis delivers correct-by-construction layout optimizations during full custom design and P&R implementation to improve reliability and manufacturability while reducing time to market.

Stylized image of IC layout. Rectangles in multiple shades of blue represent layers, purple dots represent inserted vias, green lines represent inserted parallel runs, and grid blocks represent inserted filler/DCAP cells.
On-Demand DRC for Digital

Calibre RealTime Digital

The Calibre RealTime Digital interface enables on-demand immediate Calibre DRC feedback for digital design flows, enabling P&R engineers to shave weeks off their tapeout schedule.

A man holds a smartphone projecting a virtual car schematic and dashboard.
On-Demand DRC for Custom/AMS

Calibre RealTime Custom

The Calibre RealTime Custom interface enables on-demand immediate Calibre DRC feedback for custom and analog/mixed-signal (AMS) design flows, improving DRC productivity by two to four times.

A car schematic design melds into a real car.
Early Design Verification

Calibre nmDRC Recon

The Calibre nmDRC Recon technology lets design teams perform physical verification of full-chip design layouts during early stages in the design cycle, while different components are still immature.

An image of a stylized integrated circuit (IC) floating with signals flying upwards.
Early Design Verification

Calibre nmLVS Recon

The Calibre nmLVS Recon technology lets teams perform a rapid analysis of dirty designs to find and fix specific types of circuit violations earlier and faster, reducing signoff layout versus schematic (LVS) verification runs.

Light beams shoot upwards from an integrated circuit.

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