Xpedition Package Designer

Heterogeneous and homogeneous 2.5/3DIC Package physical implementation and manufacturing handoff

Device stacking for 2.5/3D and SiP/Module Integrations

Construct and manage complex device assemblies such as 3D IC, side-by-side, multiple stacks with different heights. Full support for embedded dual-sided die/devices such as interposer/bridge configurations including support for active and passive embedded devices.


Comprehensive SiP Module Support

Design and verify complex SiP modules in a fully supported 3D design environment. Simultaneous 2D/3D editing and DRC all within a single design tool that easily detects and avoids 3D-related design issues. Comprehensive real-time wire bonding for the most complex multi-die stacks with user-definable wire profiles with digital, analog, mixed technology support.


High Performance Signal & Interface Routing

Quickly implement HBM interfaces with automatic step/repeat of channels including automatic compensation for off-pitch pins. Quickly plan and route data paths with patented Sketch automated routing technology. Built-in automatic SI performance net tuning with automatic shielding of differential pairs and single-ended nets.


Shorten Design Time Through Increased Efficiency

Rapid design construction with layout-driven-design and a start-from-nothing methodology with on-the-fly device and net creation. Rapid design feasibility evaluation with integrated electrical/thermal & stress analysis. Real-time multi-user concurrent team design enables designers to simultaneously work on the same design with real-time visualization of all users' design activity across networks and geographies.

Reduce Cycle Time Image

Dynamic Metal Fill That Meets Fabrication Requirements

Powerful metal shape processing that is accurate and DFM ready. Proven creation capabilities include multi-pass degassing, metal balancing, dummy fill insertion, offset hatched planes, and dynamic thermal ties.  Add and manage metal areas throughout the design process without impacting interactive performance.

advanced metal fill

In-Design Geometry-Based DRC Reduces Signoff Effort

Built-in powerful geometry-based DRC comes with multiple common DRC rules. Additional rules can be quickly written, shared and even encrypted. Avoid tapeout ECO's by performing DRC during design.

In-design Geometry Based DRC Reduces Signoff Effort

Comprehensive 3D Package Signoff with Calibre

Provides extensive and comprehensive DRC/LVS signoff verification across every level of the 3D package assembly through direct digital integration with Calibre 3DSTACK. Independently verify the manufacturing outputs, not just the design database. Supports dynamic cross-probing and error markers to quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring the design matches manufacturing outputs.

3D_Package_Signoff Image