Xpedition Package Designer

Heterogeneous and homogeneous 2.5/3D IC constraint driven substrate physical implementation and manufacturing handoff.

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Key Features

Physical Implementation & Manufacturing Handoff

Design of High-Density Advanced Packages (HDAP) such as FOWLP, 2.5D/3D, heterogeneous integration using silicon interposers, embedded substrate bridges, System-in-Package, and modules.

Capacity for Tomorrow's Designs, Today

A proven path to implementation for large complex packages eliminates the waiting and frustration of traditional tools. Rules and constraint-driven, automated place, route, and metal fill minimizes substrate respins and yield issues while producing consistent high-quality manufacturing output.

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Concurrent Team Design Reduces Design Time

Enable multiple designers to simultaneous access and edit the same design with real-time visibility of all active design activity. Set up is fast and easy, is not dependent on any logical or physical design partitioning, and supports design across local and global networks.

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High-Performance Signal Routing

Patented sketch technology dramatically improves efficiency through automation while retaining designer control. The challenges of integrating high bandwidth memory (HBM) interfaces are simplified with automated route channel replication, while signal integrity critical signals are managed with integrated net tuning.

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Yield Optimizing Metal Creation

A challenging area of advanced IC packaging is the creation and control of metal fill areas in order to meet the yield requirements of the substrate fabricator. This typically includes graduated degassing, metal balancing, acute angle checking, and stress relief features. These capabilities are rules-driven and automated minimizing false verification errors.


High density advanced packaging (HDAP) product trials

Explore the differentiated capabilities of the Xpedition and Calibre technologies in these self-contained cloud-hosted virtual laboratories.