Schematic Analysis

Reduce design spins and improve product quality with Xpedition schematic analysis. All nets on a schematic are fully inspected using an extensive model library, eliminating hundreds of hours of visual inspection and lab debug time. Automate board-level schematic analysis for any PCB design flow.

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Schematic Analysis
Key Features

Ensure Schematic Integrity

Xpedition schematic analysis enables full inspection of all nets on a schematic using an extensive, intelligent model component library. Schematic analysis saves design teams hundreds of hours of visual inspection and lab debug time by analyzing each net within a schematic.

150+ Built-In Schematic Design Rule Checks

Save hundreds of hours of manual, visual inspection and leverage a large library of validated models to accelerate time to results.

Schematic Analysis

Multi-Board Interconnect Analysis

Validate signals across multiple boards in a system.

Full Inspection of 100% of Nets in a Schematic

Full schematic screening ensures design quality. Intelligent results post-processing enable quick reviews to fix errors.

Schematic analysis