DFM Analysis within Xpedition

Why are two to three PCB respins expected instead of the exception? Integrated Valor DFM technology can identify manufacturing issues without leaving Xpedition. Concurrent DFM checks can be run from parts placement to release-to-manufacturing, and DFM reports save time by automating design reviews.

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Screenshot of Xpedition DFM software
Key Features

Concurrent DFM Within Xpedition Saves Time and Cost

The further into the design process a problem is discovered, the more it costs to rectify it. Anyone can run concurrent DFM within Xpedition to locate problems, allowing instant solutions. More than 1,000 checks are built in for full coverage. Automated design reviews save time and cost.

30-day Trial

Free Trial of Xpedition DFM

This free trial allows you to use Xpedition DFM in your own environment for 30 days. The trial includes guidance and pre-loaded projects.

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