Design reuse

Reuse existing IP in the form of components and certified circuits for new products. Reusing proven elements from previous designs through a library of certified circuits allows new product development teams to leverage past successes for the benefit of their latest generation of products.

Design Reuse overview

Xpedition EDM facilitates design reuse through enterprise-wide data management of reusable circuit blocks from both the library and design perspectives. Reusable circuit blocks provide teams with an efficient process to leverage a library of 'certified' circuitry during new product development.

Key features of design reuse with Xpedition

Reuse proven logical and physical elements
Design teams can quickly build new products by publishing reusable logical and physical IP directly and then sharing this IP with others.

Reduce cost and improve PCB design quality
Ensure continuous circuit improvement by certifying critical IP blocks.

Increase collaboration and efficiency
Foster concurrent development of today’s complex PCB designs.

Dive deeper into this topic

Image of design reuse capability in Xpedition software

By implementing design reuse, it eliminates unnecessary and or repeated efforts, saves time and reduces or minimizes project risks. Learn more by reading our design reuse blog or listening to our design reuse podcast.