Concurrent design

Multiple engineers and designers can work concurrently on the schematic, the constraints, and the layout of a PCB, accelerating design and optimizing collaboration and resource management.

Concurrent design overview

Multi-user, multi-site, tool and flow based concurrent engineering throughout the product development process helps teams dramatically reduce design cycles and improve product quality.

Key features of concurrent design using Xpedition

Schematic Design

Xpedition supports multiple engineers simultaneously designing the same schematic. All edits appear dynamically to all concurrent users.

Constraint Management

Work concurrently with other users who are editing the same constraint set, whether on the front-end or back-end.

PCB Layout

Teams of layout designers can simultaneously edit the same printed circuit board and work in a collaborative manner. No need to partition and reassemble.

Concurrent Verification

Virtually prototype a design in-process with concurrent verification of performance and manufacturability. Results are visible within the authoring tool for faster review and design updates.

System Design Concurrency

Concurrently define a multi-board system with multiple engineers and start defining individual associated boards while the system definition is still in process.

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image of concurrent design using Xpedition

Concurrent design is when multiple engineers can work simultaneously in the same database, but more specifically within the PCB schematic, constraints, and layout. Learn more by reading our concurrent design blog or listening to our concurrent design podcast.

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