Schematic Analysis

Reduce design spins and improve product quality with Xpedition schematic analysis. All nets on a schematic are fully inspected using an extensive model library, eliminating hundreds of hours of visual inspection and lab debug time. Automate board-level schematic analysis for any PCB design flow.

Scrap manual schematic reviews

Find far more errors than your native DRC and ensure your design intent is implemented right the first time. Eliminate 50-70% of design respins caused by schematic errors and marginalities. Reduce development, testing and warranty costs and identify poor design practices.

Key rule checks

  • Complete extended net verification (through series resistors, switches, AC-coupling)
  • Full multi-board and backplane interface verification 
  • IO compatibility checks for maximum, minimum and logic thresholds
  • Address & data bus errors (MSB to LSB, bus source, etc.) 
  • Verifies external passive requirements
  • Unconnected mandatory pins identification 
  • Power/ground plane connection verification 
  • Differential connectivity checks
  • IO net connectivity validation (missing driver/receiver)
  • Pin function compatibility tests (resets, I2C swapping, etc.)
  • Symbol mismatch (to datasheet) 
  • Derating capacitors, resistors & diodes 
  • …And many more

Proven success

Prior state: Experienced 7+ month delay including lab debug and rework due to schematic errors.

With schematic analysis: Found and fixed errors in less than two weeks.

Large mil/aero company

Asset: schematic analysis image