Analog / mixed signal analysis

Bringing the power and flexibility of standards-based modeling and analysis to your PCB development flow.

AMS Circuit Simulation

Analog mixed-signal circuit simulation overview

Xpedition Analog Mixed-Signal circuit simulation(AMS) expands standard SPICE-based circuit analysis to leverage industry advances in PCB modeling and simulation, accelerate circuit development, and speed verification.

Key Features of analog mixed-signal circuit simulation

One Schematic Drives Everything

Why draw circuits twice? Xpedition AMS is tightly integrated with the Xpedition design flow, so the schematic used to drive simulation also moves your design seamlessly to layout.

Advanced Design Simulation

Extend standard time and frequency domain analysis to explore design sensitivities, sweep circuit parameters, determine manufacturing yields including corner-case behavior, and analyze worst-case performance. Verify design performance using a virtual prototype of the target system.

Device Modeling Choices

Leverage the wide range of component vendors’ SPICE and PSPICE models. Extend your modeling and analysis capabilities with VHDL-AMS, the IEEE industry-standard language for modeling AMS and mixed-technology design behavior.