5G tower in a large city

verification and interoperability

Veloce X-STEP 5G testing

The Veloce X-STEP family of test systems brings pre-silicon test cases into life in post-silicon SoC bring-up and verification.


Veloce X-STEP

5G SoC development flow

5G SoC bring-up and verification

We offer a complete development flow for 5G SoCs, from RTL simulations to HW emulation. Users can start their interoperability and conformance tests immediately when the first lines of RTL and software become available. The development phases are followed by the Veloce X-STEP family of test systems that bring those pre-silicon test cases into life in post-silicon SoC bring-up and verification.

X-STEP video still
Veloce X-STEP goes real world

Veloce X-STEP moves 5G virtual into the physical world

With Veloce X-STEP, the same O-RAN Fronthaul specifi­cations from virtual environments can be re-used in the 5G SoC bring-up phase in a lab. This ensures a smooth bring-up of the SoCs and paves the road for full system integration and interoperability.

pre-silicon 640 x 480
50G line rate with X-STEP EVA

Veloce X-STEP EVA for maximum re-use and coherence

As the latest addition to the Veloce X-STEP product family, X-STEP EVA introduces
the 50G line rate as the first O-RAN Fronthaul test system on the market. 10G
and 25G as the most widely used O-RAN Fronthaul line rates today are also

Veloce X-STEP EVA unit

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