Tessent Yield Learning

Tessent YieldInsight

Tessent YieldInsight statistically analyzes diagnosis data to identify and separate systematic yield limiters before any failure analysis is done. Tessent YieldInsight is specialized for understanding and identifying yield loss from scan test data and makes volume diagnosis results actionable.

Why Tessent YieldInsight?

Using specialized data mining and statistical analysis techniques, Tessent YieldInsight eliminates noise from diagnosis data to determine the underlying root causes, identify systematic yield limiters and select the best devices for failure analysis.

Identify hidden yield limiters

Tessent YieldInsight identifies the cause of systematic yield loss and provides guidance through the process of selecting die for failure analysis.

Remove noise from diagnosis results

Root cause deconvolution (RCD) technology removes noise from diagnosis results and determines the underlying root causes. It selects and filters populations of failing die, grouping die that are failing for similar reasons.

Works with Tessent Diagnosis

Analyzes the layout-aware and cell-aware diagnosis results from Tessent Diagnosis to identify and separate systematic yield limiters before any failure analysis is done, eliminating the need for costly physical localization.


A Novel Reversible Scan Chain Technology

Hosted by ASM International, this joint webinar between Siemens EDA and Qualcomm spotlights:

  • Motivation for using chain diagnosis in yield ramp
  • Overview of chain diagnosis, reversible chain
  • Reversible chain technology and diagnosis
  • Implementation of reversible chains
  • Silicon results from test chip

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