Precision RTL Plus


Precision RTL Plus

Siemens’ flagship FPGA synthesis solution offering advanced optimizations, debug & validation technologies, and tight integration with the Siemens FPGA flow. It provides several unique features that enable every designer to reach design closure faster with a user-friendly validation environment.

Key Features

Integrated FPGA Design Flow, Meeting Goals & Standards

 Successful FPGA design requires an integrated flow from design creation in C++/SystemC/HDL, design synthesis, design verification & validation to PCB design. The result is an optimal FPGA implementation that meets all the design requirements and enables designers to meet standards such as DO-254.


Mil-Aero, Safety-Critical & DO-254

Precision RTL Plus offers multiple features for safety-critical designs in the military-aerospace domain requiring DO-254 certification. These include guaranteed repeatability of synthesis results, synthesis for design assurance, and DO-254 certification enabled by tight integration with Siemens FPGA design flow.


Integration with Siemens FPGA Flow

Siemens EDA has the only complete FPGA design flow in the industry with Precision RTL Plus in the center. It has tight integration with the following flows:


FPGA Resource Manager

Today’s FPGAs have an abundance of specialized resources such as DSPs & RAMs. However, optimal utilization of these resources is a challenge. Precision RTL Plus provides a unique solution with an FPGA Resource Manager - a graphical tool to manage embedded resources and do what-if analysis to achieve the best performance and area.

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