Precision RTL Plus

Precision RTL Plus, offers best-in-class quality of results with a vendor-independent FPGA synthesis solution, and adds DO-254 certification utilities for mil-aero applications, on-chip debug and validation and resource optimization for DSPs and RAMs.


Vendor-independent FPGA synthesis for mil-aero and safe

Precision RTL Plus enables vendor-independent design, accelerates time to market, eliminates design defects, and delivers superior quality of results for mil-aero and safety-critical designs. It has all the features required for meeting standards such as DO-254.


Mil-Aero, Safety-Critical and DO-254

Precision RTL Plus offers multiple features for safety-critical designs in the military-aerospace domain requiring DO-254 certification. These include guaranteed repeatability of synthesis results, synthesis for design assurance and DO-254 certification enabled by integration with tools such as ReqTracer.


Debug and Validation

The Precise-Validate tool of Precision RTL Plus offers a vendor-independent FPGA validation methodology. It allows users to instrument, validate, and debug designs at system speed without having to change HDL or functionality of the original design.

User-directed FPGA Resource Management

FPGAs have an abundance of specialized resources such as DSPs & RAMs. Precision RTL Plus optimizes utilization of these embedded blocks with the Resource Manager - a graphical tool to manage blocks and do what-if analysis to achieve best performance and area.

Precision RTL Plus FPGA Resource Manager - a graphical tool to manage embedded resources and do what-if analysis to achieve the best performance and area.

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