PowerPro Power Analysis

PowerPro is the industry’s most comprehensive power platform that provides fast and accurate power analysis of RTL/Netlist views of IPs/SoCs and helps fix the power wastage in the design in the shortest time to market.

PowerPro Power Analysis Flow

Fastest Time-to-Power

Multi-core architecture that computes power in parallel allows an incremental Power Analysis flow that lets the designs to be compiled once and reused multiple times with different stimuli. The combination of incremental run and highly parallelized power computation delivers extremely fast results.


Physical Aware Power Analysis

PowerPro utilizes Oasys synthesis under-the-hood to build a prototype of the design which coupled with physical awareness, provides accurate, out-of-the-box RTL-level Power Analysis that is within 15% of signoff.


System Level Power Analysis with Veloce

PowerPro’s tight integration with Veloce Emulation platform provides the most comprehensive and sophisticated approach to system level power analysis under real world use case scenarios as well as in offline mode.


Visualization with Easy Cross-probing

PowerPro utilizes Siemens EDA’s Visualizer Debug Environment that offers powerful features for visualization. PowerPro also offers powerleaks flow where redundant toggles are marked on the waveform. RTL designers can root-cause the source of redundant toggles and fix them easily by cross-probing the waveform to RTL or Schematic.

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