L-Edit MEMS is the gold standard 3D MEMS design platform of choice. The Digital Twin of the MEMS devices begins with the design capture in L-Edit. MEMS designers benefit from a unified environment that supports MEMS device design, fabrication modeling and links to FEM analysis tools.

MEMS digital twin design flow diagram

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L-Edit MEMS is the Gold standard for MEMS design. With true native curve support, it is the only tool developed specifically for MEMS and IC design. It is the foundation of the MEMS digital twin, supporting device design, 3D fabrication modeling and simulation through partnerships.

Complete environment for MEMS design

  • True curve support
  • Enhanced Boolean operations
  • Advanced editing support:

    • Object snapping
    • Base point
    • Alignment
    • Chamfer/Fillet
    • Technology configurable
  • Component libraries enabling design reuse
  • Design rule checking
True curve support

MEMS Digital Twin Flow

  • Solid Modeling with SoftMEMS

    • Create a 3D solid model from layout data and fabrication process description
    • Gives 3D graphical representation of MEMS fabrication process
    • Export models to FEM/BEM simulators for 3D Analysis
  • Multi-physics simulation with popular FEM analysis tools

    • Ansys, Comsol and OnScale
MEMS digital twin design flow

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