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Cut your design times by 30%

Trade up to Xpedition Package Designer

Your competition is completing package designs 30% faster—they traded up to Xpedition Package Designer. xPD is designed for the physical design, verification, and modeling of emerging High Density Advanced Packaging (HDAP) technologies. Read more below or talk to an expert today.

Watch why xPD is the tool to beat!

Watch the Xpedition Package Designer overview video to learn why it's the design tool to beat! You will learn about xPD design solutions for physical design and verification of advanced packages and 2.5 heterogeneous assemblies.

Methodology To Meet Manufacturing Process Requirements

Review three methodologies commonly used to achieve foundry/OSAT requirements for metal areas and planes in advanced package designs: dynamic hatched filled metal areas, outgassing voids, and dummy metal fill.

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